Roofing and Accessories

ASAP provides various steel and pipe and related products such as b grade steel, tubing, clear view fencing, palisade fencing, reinforcing and mesh, steel bars, steel tubes, IPEs, roof sheeting and more…


ASAP Steel & Pipe branches stock a wide range of flat products. From standard to non-standard base plates are available according to your specifications. We also stock long flat steel bars.

Roofing products are also available and include corrugated, Widespan and IBR steel roofing profiles. We offer cranking and bull nosing services for IBR and Widespan to ensure profiles are manufactured to your specifications.

Benefits of corrugated steel roof sheeting: It’s a strong and affordable solution to residential, industrial and commercial roofing requirements, and offers the benefits of being simultaneously more durable and more recyclable than any other roof sheeting on the market.

Roofing Accessories

Extending our already wide product range, ASAP Steel and Pipe provides our customers with only the best quality roofing accessories. Our full range includes flashings, gutters and downpipes supplied to customer specifications. We do custom items in various lengths, colours and dimensions so our customers enjoy tailor-made drainage systems. Rainwater goods are available in various sizes.

Corner Flashing 460g

Internal Corner Flashing 460g

IBR Ridging 460g

Roll Top 460g

Broad Flute Closures

Narrow Flute Closures


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