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See-Through Fencing

Save money on our downgraded See-Through fencing (Clearview Fencing). Which are perfect for residential or commercial property security measures. See-Through fencing (Clearview Fencing) is highlydurable  and lasts  much  longer than conventional fencing. Making our See-Through fencing (Clearview Fencing) very cost-effective because there is no need to worry about replacing or repairing worn fencing. The Fence is anti-cut which means that it cannot be cut by conventional tools and it’s coatings makes it weather resistant, making it last  longer.

Not only is our downgraded See-Through fencing (Clearview Fencing) suitable for security applications but it also uses for pedestrian control, wildlife boundary security and agricultural uses.  See-Through fencing (Clearview Fencing) available at our head office in Alberton as well as Vanderbijlpark and Hillfox branches. We also deliver See-Through fencing within a 200km radius of our branches

Coating Options

At ASAP our See-Through Fencing comes in these following coats to choose from, which completes the overall aesthetics and adds the desired finishing touches to any fencing needs:

  • Plascoat / PVC
  • Polyester Powder
  • Galvanize
  • Coastal Fusion Bond

Anti-Tamper Screws

Anti-tamper screws are available as self-drillers (in galvanized or stainless steel) as part of a rivet solution and used with Square Tube posts during installing. They can only be applied or removed with a uniquely designed key

Multi & Maxi Spikes

Our exceptionally designed spiking mechanisms can be secured to any of our BRC-thru fences offering additional security to your property.

Shear-Off Nuts & Bolts

This system is used for application to the IPE posts and prevents subsequent removal by its shear off ability. Available in galvanised and stainless steel.


Our uniquely designed fixating solution ensures maximum wire contact is achieved at all times, providing customers with a strong, reliable and secure barrier solution that protects their property.

Palisade Fencing

ASAP Steel & Pipe branches stock a wide range of palisade fencing products from palisade panels, palisade posts through to palisade gates and the concrete mix – everything you need for the perfect security.

Palisade panels offer visual and physical deterrence; and, unlike other fencing solutions, palisade fencing maintains an amicable suburban front. They are also unparalleled in strength and therefore incredibly durable. Galvanisation ensures rust resistance and added longevity to the palisade panels.

We offer the following palisade-related products:

  • Steel Palisade Panels
  • Steel Palisade Posts
  • Steel Palisade Spikes
  • Steel Gates
  • Steel Palisade Gates
  • Steel Pedestrian Gates
  • Galvanised Palisade
  • Security Fencing
  • Security Gates
  • Concrete Mix


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