Laser-Cut Products

ASAP provides various steel and pipe and related products such as b grade steel, tubing, clear view fencing, palisade fencing, reinforcing and mesh, steel bars, steel tubes, IPEs, roof sheeting and more…

Wall Art

  • When you are looking for contemporary styling, durability and low maintenance
  • Laser cutting wall art allows for installation indoors or outdoors
  • Custom designed wall art to give life to plain walls or open spaces
  • Our designs are elegant, classy and sophisticated and are the perfect gift for any home
  • Metal wall art
  • Murals
  • Wall decals

Doors and Gates

  • Do you want that extra flair?
  • Why not have your gates and fences done in our stunning laser-cut steel design
  • We have a large range available from nature-inspired to geometric and abstract designs depending on your taste to give you security with style


  • Doors
  • Burglar guards
  • Window security
  • Custom designs
  • Driveway gates
  • Pedestrian gates/ Security gates

Garden and Outdoor

  • These products are designed for creating a refreshing landscape effect
  • Whether you are having terrace cocktail parties, outdoor lunches, or maybe romantic candlelight dinners
  • Showing off your garden indoor or outdoor, we will create the perfect accessories for your outdoor needs

  • Plant pots
  • Garden furniture
  • Garden ornaments and decorations.
  • Outdoor art sculptures
  • Patio roofs


We do custom laser cutting for freestanding lights and desk lamps


  • Freestanding lights
  • Desk lamps


  • We offer laser cutting designed tables that are elegant and beautiful for any kind of business or residential needs
  • The table designs are made to suit any surroundings area style
  • Coffee and side tables enhance any living area, whether modern or classical

  • Coffee table
  • Accent table
  • Console table
  • Side table
  • Drink table
  • End table

Room Dividers

  • We offer custom made modern room laser cutting dividers and a huge range of design styles and patterns to choose from

  • Hanging (solid) room divider
  • Fixed, semi-permanent room divider

House Numbers & Signage

  • We offer custom made steel laser cut out house number signs
  • Steel is more durable and more cost effective than glass and plastic. These are usually applied to the wall on pins, flush or using barrel spacers
  • Steel laser cut house numbers and signage will give you the three-dimensional look
  • Cut out house numbers and signage
  • Cut in house numbers and signage

Aircon Covers / Pool Pumps Covers / Gas Cages

  • Our stylish laser cut gas cage covers prevent tampering and theft of gas cylinders
  • Our stylish laser cut pool pump covers prevent tampering and theft of pool pumps
  • Our stylish aircon covers, cover your Aircon unit but doesn’t trap moisture inside which then causes rust and corrosion
  • Our covers also protect your aircon from theft

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