ASAP provides various steel and pipe and related products such as b grade steel, tubing, clear view fencing, palisade fencing, reinforcing and mesh, steel bars, steel tubes, IPEs, roof sheeting and more…


Notching is a common process in metalworking and involves cutting notches in metal. It is a shearing process where a metal piece is removed from the outside edge of a workpiece. A press is utilized to punch notches with a rectangular die.

It can be applied to almost any kind of metal and it is often used on sheet and plate and sometimes tube and pipe. Notching tube is often used to join tubes to form a specific joint which is then usually welded.

Our expert fabricators can notch steel plates, beams, channels and angles quickly and efficiently. For more information about ASAP Steel and Pipe or to get a quotation contact us.

For more information about ASAP Steel and Pipe or to get a quotation contact us.

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